Welcome! To my digital room! Here you will find my latest work.

Hyper Island

The last year I’ve been studying e-Commerce Business at Hyper Island in Stockholm Sweden. It has been a intense and fun journey, learning things that is now new philosophies form me and a way of living. Click on the link to read all about it.


My Music

Music is a big part of me, I’ve been a dj since the late 90’s and producing music the past eight years. I’m the co-founder of HMWL.org, shortlisted top 10 Swedish music blogs 2011, 2012 and 2013. Currently Nr 2 music blog in Sweden according to Cision.


My Projects

I have a background from the service business and went over to retail with a big service focus. During this time I’ve always hade a big interest for the digital development. So it felt natural to get in to e-Commerce business. And here you will find my latest projects.



I’m a curious E-commerce lover with a big passion for music, strategic planning, concept development and project management. I have a huge love for teamwork and the power of combined minds. In my project I value dedication, deep focus and my ability to create a great team to reach a goal ahead.


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