Who Am I? Jesper Aubin……

I’m a curious E-commerce lover with a big passion for design, music, strategic planning, concept development and project management. I have a huge love for teamwork and the power of combined minds. In my project I value dedication, deep focus and my ability to create a great team to reach a goal ahead.

I ‘m currently working at Deezer as a partnership manager.

Jesper Aubin


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e-Commerce! I love the fact that it’s so broad! That you can sell anything on the Internet, there is always someone how wants your product. You just have to find her!

To define the fundamentals of any business is always intriguing and inspiring, hard, but worth the effort. To be able the talk about the heart and soul of it, you have to set the Essence of the brand.

The digital body language….. As important as the branding, the web design defines your company, speaks your values and beliefs. And it gives your customer a feeling about who you are and what you stand for.

Works in mysterious ways…. You might just get an ide from nowhere or you can work to reach it in a process of fun and play, with attributes and variables. Either way works as long as it pays it’s purpose.

I strongly believe in the power of combined minds. Working together with a variation of people with different knowledge can be the most efficient way to create a good result.

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