SOS Barnbyar

The fundraising industry is anything but diverse. Most organizations have the same type of products and offers. And more than anything the rhetoric’s and tone of voice are very similar. SOS Sweden wants to stand out from the crowd. They want to create new and innovative solutions for fundraising, utilizing the power of technology and creativity – to point the way for the future of fundraising.

We came up with an ide of combining art & NFC (Near Field Communication) to create the future of fundraising. Here’s a small draft from our hand-in:

Art is in mankind’s backbone. It is important for our society and it reminds us of who we are. We believe that by donating, you take your part of humanity.
In collaboration between SOS Barnbyar and contemporary artists in our community we created different art projects and implemented NFC technique.
This technique works in the same way as when you pay for your trip on public transport. The user approaches the artwork and its phone will connect and register how much she wants to donate immediately or if she wants to sign up for a monthly payment. When the donation is done the artwork will provide the user with something as a thank you, what this may be is up to the artist.
Real-time updates display how much money has been donated and what that contribution has done for the world.